Clients Review

Recieved an email from our respected client Azeez Mughal Sahab a highly educated senior citizen of Pakistan .
We reproduce the same below,

I would like to thank Sahabzada Muzaffar Ali and his legal team for settling a very complex legal case for me. He essentially saved my retirement. His diligent work, calm demeanor, outstanding leadership, professional advise, honesty, and multi-prong legal approach to solving this case impressed me. I highly recommend Sahabzada Muzaffar Ali and his team to anyone who is looking for a highly competent attorney in Pakistan.

My case reconnected two very old childhood friends, my son Usman Mughal and Sahabzada Muzaffar Ali, who knew each other since fourth grade at Beacon House Public School in Lahore. Usman and Sahabzada Muzaffar Ali remained in contact via Facebook, and that connection became the precipitous to my involvement.

Before I met Sahabzada Muzaffar Ali, I had my own attorney to look after my legal affairs in Pakistan while I lived overseas in the United States with my sons, Usman Mughal and Adnan Mughal. During my extended stay overseas, I was notified that a group of thugs had forcefully taken over my offices in Gulberg, Lahore. This group of thugs removed all my office property, threatened my staff who worked there, and then resold my properties illegally to another buyer. This all happened in a matter of few weeks. My attorney filed complaints, but nothing came out of them. At that point, Usman suggested that I fly to Lahore and contact Sahabzada Muzaffar Ali.

Usman is an attorney by profession too. He spoke to Sahabzada Muzaffar Ali and determined an action plan. I was hesitant to change my attorney, who I worked with for many years with success. Nevertheless, I took my chances and flew to Lahore in poor health and met with Sahabzada Muzaffar Ali under secrecy to protect myself.

Sahabzada Muzaffar Ali treated me like his father, and we immediately connected. He comforted me, and promised that he will get the properties back from those thugs, and also protect my other assets in Pakistan from any illegal possession. Every similar attorney makes such promises, but I took my chance. I hired Sahabzada Muzaffar Ali, and that was the best decision I made in this case.

Sahabzada Muzaffar Ali quickly drafted multiple complaints with multiple agencies in Pakistan including the NAB and other federal and local agencies and courts. He and Usman filed complaints with the US and UK embassies of Pakistan, where fake Power of Attorneys were generated and which were the basis for all the illegal possession of my properties.

After our consistent complaints with the US and UK embassies of Pakistan, we received official statements from the US and UK embassies of Pakistan that indeed the Power of Attorneys were procured fraudulently.

Despite threats from the group of thugs to Sahabzada Muzaffar Ali to drop the case, Sahabzada Muzaffar Ali persisted with honesty and resolve. He could have made a deal with the culprits and compromised my case, like many attorneys in Pakistan do, but his faith in God and desire to do the right thing disappointed the culprits. After gaining success in several complaints, the attorney representing the group of thugs cut their losses and negotiated a settlement to avoid jail.

Sahabzada Muzaffar Ali represented me in those settlements, procured possession of my properties, and sold them at fair market price as I originally intended to do.

I am very thankful to God for introducing me to Sahabzada Muzaffar Ali, who took this case despite personal threats, and within one year of our introduction returned my properties back to me. In a country like Pakistan where legal cases drag through courts over generations, with no real justice delivered, Sahabzada Muzaffar Ali returned my confidence in the legal system of Pakistan. Within one year, Sahabzada Muzaffar Ali was able to get my properties back using the legal system. Attorneys like Sahabzada Muzaffar Ali are a beacon in Pakistan, and I will not be surprised that one day Sahabzada Muzaffar Ali will become the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan because of his honesty, legal knowledge, experience, and resolve to do the right thing. May Allah bless Sahabzada Muzaffar Ali and his team with success.
Allah Hafiz

Azeez Mughal